Runix, or ps1 linux


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this didnt really take off on benheck, hope it has better luck here

basically its ps1 linux, wont work on the smaller psones due to no serial port. no one has EVER proven to get this going, couple of claims here and there but no hard evidence. I researched this thing for nearly six months ongoing. its god-damned frustrating, its getting harder and harder to find stuff as more links are closing down. it would be epic if someone finally got the damned thing going. if anyone wants any help on this i'd gladly give all the info i've got. I tried a couple of times trying to get it to go on my ps1 but my improvised ps1 serial to parallel port cable was probably broken and i had a hard time finding a decent copy of net yaroze/ iso. if anyone has a ps1 gameshark (the one that goes into the ps1 parallel port) you should be able to get this running a lot easier as you would be able to boot net yaroze a lot easier.
good night and good luck

I've got a way to boot on the PSX (don't know if it works with a PS2). The trick is to use a Net Yaroze boot disc and to load your stuff on the PSX threw the serial port (or even maybe threw the parallel, but I've never herd of it). Indeed, you'll need three things :
- your PSX to have a mod-chip (in order to read the burned CD of the Net Yaro boot)
- this ( between your PSX and your computer in order to load the stuff
- the Net Yaro boot disc. I've got my copy on the old runix forum (but you may find it here : , or surely on the link on this page : ... nt-ps1.htm). Notice that the dev kit on of the first link is incomplete, but the one in the second link is. Maybe you'll need to have a spec region memory card as well.

You should also use a game-shark devise, or similar stuff, instead of the Skywalker Serial Cable.

All you should want to know is her : and on the rest of the website.

Good luck.
Question Numba 1: Why? Is it just for the satisfaction of doing it?
Question Numba 2: Does this only boot command line Linux?
bacteria said:
Someone also put Linux onto an Xbox before!

XBOX Linux is a lot more practical:
-the XBOX has 4 USB ports (mechanically they are different but they are electrically compatible)
-the XBOX is actually powerful enough to do stuff
-the XBOX has a hard drive to put stuff on

bacteria said:
Wouldn't it run slowly, assuming you can get your system running? (I dunno)

uClinux completely sucks unless you have a bunch of apps that are ported to the architecture you are working with, since it generally ships with nothing.

My bet is that you get the basic linux kernel running, and can play aroun a bit, but it will be all command line, and there are NO uClinux programs made for the PS1. So, you cannot really do anything with it.

I have no doubt people have done it, or the port would not have been made. My guess is that it was a fun little trick, but was completely useless, so it was not developed further.

Out of curiosity, what do you want to accomplish with PS1 linux?
epicly late reply but Runix has been around for a while now yet no one has ever had proof that they got it running, its like its unfinished business.
Sorry again for the massive Bump...

But I do have one of those DB-25 (Parallel Ports) that act also as an Action Replay.

It allows me to also view the textures left in the PS1's DRAM (Graphics RAM?)!

Anyway, I was going to eventually get around to it, but I am trying to get my IBM Laptop working as I bought it as Faulty from eBay. All that is wrong it that the BIOS Password has been lost, and I am going to hack into the ATMEL Chip.

I will of course, start a post when or if I get it running for you Blaze, here (Mod Retro), Ben Heck and on my site of course...