robm's Trade thread


Billy Mays
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Ok, I've decided on my next project, and it's time to offload some stuff so I can gather the pieces I need.

I am more interested in trading these things for what I need, as opposed to outright selling them.

I am looking for:

PS2 phat - can have a bad disc drive, but does need to boot
PS2 network adapter
Irreparably broken, newish laptop - can have a busted screen, bad/no hard drive, fried, don't care - really just need the bottom, though I would like the top as well
Battery w/charger, can be rather large as long as it's li-ion

What I have: (Pics soon to follow)

Gaming related:
PS1, console only
PS1 motherboard
Gamecube motherboard
PS2 game - Final Fantasy X-2
PS2 game - Silent Hill 2
Gamegear, disassembled. Should be able to reassemble, if I remember correctly the screen is a little screwy

Non-gaming related:
JVC Camcorder, S-VHS format. Some cosmetic damage, works pefectly fine. Well under 3 hours total use.
Just about any automotive tool, air or hand
10" orbital buffer, used maybe once
Dynex wireless network card, PCI. Broadcom based.
300w Monsoon stereo out of a 2002 Chevrolet Camaro SS. Mounting tabs were removed for installation in an older vehicle. Will fit just about any GM after '87, I believe. Any older, and the vehicle's wiring harness would need modified.

I'll update this list once I find more stuff to trade/sell, and when I have pics.
robm said:
Ok you got me there.

Oh well, I'll go order one from Snap-On...

Oh, and if you're curious:

Each ring on there is a different size.
Find your size, jam it in the messed up threads, spin it round 'n' round.

Works great for most anything, but ONLY external threads.
I have a fancy tire pressure gauge, goes for a lot on SUPER EBAY I forget it was a while ago I looked. :p
I can get you the laptop.

Does the Gamecube mobo work? I'll trade for that.
Pending what Mario has.

If his case is equal/nicer, then no - otherwise, yes.