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There are several reasons why you shouldn't even glance at this thread, the first (and most obvious) being my post count and how recently I joined. I'd be suspicious too, put in anyone else's position.

Another reason is that I'm not even completely sure I'll be trading the items I'm listing or not, and even if I am it won't be until about a month from now. I'm just making this thread as a sort of headstart, in which I'll answer questions, clear any confusion, and make the possible trading more smooth.

The third reason is that I live in Hawaii, and shipping is a pain. Of course, if I trade these, I'll likely pay for shipping (depending on the other participant's offer).

Now, then. For the list.

  • N64 game cartridges/accessories
  • 3-4" LCD that takes composite or, even better, RGB
  • PS1 or Zenith screen
  • Retro Duo or FC Twin (RD preferred)
  • Atari Flashback 2.0
  • Electronic odds and ends (whatever catches my eye)


  • Pink Nintendo DS Lite

This is less likely to be traded than the PS2, as it was a Christmas gift (though I rarely ever use it). It's been kept in decent condition, though there are some scratches and fingerprints (which I'll be cleaning off) on the case. It's used, of course, but compared to some other used handhelds I've seen, it's been treated well. Depending on what I'm offered, I'll throw in my games.

List of games I have for the DS:
  • Animal Crossing: Wild World
  • Assassin's Creed
  • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
  • Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    • Playstation 2 Accessories

    I'll probably be able to trade these. There are several downsides to this one, though. The first is that it only has one working controller, and that controller is third-party (I prefer it over the original controllers, to be honest). However, I'll be tinkering with my other third-party controller as well as my remaining original one to try and get them working. Heck, if you want, I can throw them in anyway and let you tinker with them.

    I've also got a couple of memory sticks, a controller extension, a remote, and receiver (for DVD-watching).

    Picture (ignore the console):

    Second picture (click to enlarge):

    List of games I have for the PS2:
    • Okage: Shadow King
    • Jade Cocoon 2
    • Gran Turismo 3
    • Alter Echo
    • ATV: Offroad Fury
    • ATV: Offroad Fury 3
    • Full Spectrum Warrior
    • Spy Hunter
    • Shadow of the Colossus
    • Legacy of Kain: Defiance
    • Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel
    • Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Rise of the Crimson Elixir
    • (Tentative) Nintendo 64

    To be honest, I'm only putting this up here to get an estimate of how much I'd get for it, and to see who'd be interested. I've dusted it off and it's in full working condition. I know I have more games, but I can't seem to find them right now. I have I'll get back to this thread when I do. I've got all of the cables for it, as well as a transfer expansion (for sticking your oldschool Red/Blue Gameboy carts into for use in Pokemon Stadium).

    List of games I have for the N64:
    • Pokemon Stadium
    • Pokemon Stadium 2 (Still looking for it, but I know I have it)
    • Lode Runner 3-D
    • Resident Evil 2
    • Donkey Kong 64
    • Legend of Zelda: OOT
    • Legend of Zelda: MM
    • Forsaken (Loved this game, but can't seem to find it)

Picture (click to enlarge):

I also have this neato Pokemon-themed carrying bag for the GameBoy Color (I assume) and GB games. It's got all sorts of cool pouches and whatnot. Lugia and Ho-Oh are on the front, so I'm guessing this was a promotional bag for when the new Pokemon games came out. It's basically this bag but black. I dunno, if you're a geek like me, you may like it.

Anyway, I'll keep an eye out for other things I'd like to sell. I maaaay go ahead and sell my N64 and its games, but that's even less likely, as I'm very attached to it. I won't be trading these things for at least a month, so this thread is really just for questions/comments/offers until then. Let me know if you want pics, and I'll get off my lazy rear. Thanks.
If you sell the N64, keep the plastic badge from the front.

It has helped me cope with selling consoles before, maybe it can help you. :cry:
Just out of curiosity, what would you want for the PS2 console, controller/wires, and a game or two?
robm said:
Just out of curiosity, what would you want for the PS2 console, controller/wires, and a game or two?

Not much. I'd want maybe $40's worth, since that's about how much Gamestop would buy it for. Of course, if you've got a bundle of N64 games, a coil of solder (+ some other stuff), or an Atari FB2, I'd take that instead.

Anything I find interesting would be good for a trade. Cash would be even better right now, though, since I'm low on it and I've got some pending trades I want to pay off.
PalmerTech said:

0:19, 1:12, and others.

I was going for "She Loves You" by the Beatles when I typed in "Yeah, yeah, yeah". No idea what this game is about, but it looks cheesey. ;x
Ah. :(

Actually, that game ranks in my top 5 games so far this year. Bibin agrees, it is really a great game.
Robm is on the top of my list as far as selling/trading the PS2 goes. Consider it dibsed.
Why do you want to buy a soldering iron from somebody else? They are easy and cheap to get. :rolleyes:
The closest electronics store that has them is 2 miles from me. That, and I don't exactly want a cheapo one.

I've got one on its way to me, so I'll scratch that off the list.
Caredo said:
XCVG said:
What kind of electronic bits are you looking for?

Switches, LEDs, whatever. As long as it's completely useless.

Sorry, I only have low-brightness LEDs. I have some cool lever-switch things from CD-ROM drives. Want a picture?