R00's second N64p *UPDATED 6-13*


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Well I got a new N64 and cut it down
as seen here:

Short after I fried it. I then proceeded to buy a replacement after cutting I wasn't surprised to see that it wasn't working due to a dremel slip, after rewiring still nothing. On a good note I have gotten my cases and decided on using the Jb-55 from polycase. So I spent my saturday working on my case.
Here are some pics:


More to come very soon enjoy!
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snowpenguin said:
Well, currently none. Soon to be 2. Unknown if it will ever be three,

Just about 3 hours ago, I planned one. I will not be using that case now, though.
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Asiclly, imma just hack up everything amap and hot-glue it together, then build a case around it.
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ahh ruin my fun... and SP its some 5" LCD I bought from rikitheshadow on BH, It was just for testing I'm using the same screen as you
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So those two traces at the front are safe to rewire? Is there anything else you rewired on that board?
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Sanded it down:

I will probably use ps2 shoulder buttons for the back but I may use snes shoulder buttons vertically and add a switch for L/Z
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Its my super secret ABS cement formula but I guess I can spill the beens Its Acetone, ABS, and puppy saliva
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Are you kidding me? His is nothing like yours!

The A/B buttons are flipped :awesome: