PSp for sale. (PIX!) !*56K WARNING*!


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I just need to buy another controller and I can have this bad boy finished in just a couple days!

I can paint the PSone screen back too if you want?
Can add a rechargeable battery pack if you buy the parts. ::3:

C'MON MAKE ME A GOOD OFFER! I need a new hard drive. ;_;
Also Costco has an amazing deal on a 24" monitor, $189, it would be a awesome upgrade from a 17"

NOTE: PSone screen has a little nick in the bottom right corner, but you hardly notice when playing a game.
Also if my new LED's get here any time soon I will make the screen brighter with them! ::3:

INCLUDES EVERYTHING SEEN HERE! (buttons will be added when finished. no analog.)


Buttanz in place.

I accept PayPal, you cover the fees.
Or any other secure form of payment you can think of.

Shipped USPS priority mail flat rate box, something like $12. I package with care.
XCVG said:
Shouldn't this be in the Junkyard?
Obviously, but don't you think he knows that and it was a mistake that he put it in F47? :wtf: