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I am curious what does everthing think about? Are the graphics alright? Are the games good/fun? How is god of war on PS3 compared to it on PSP? Is the game dumb down?
snowpenguin said:
We have a handhelds section here.

as for your question, the graphics on a psp arent anywhere near as good as on a ps3, but, who gives a flax about graphics except for fanboys anyway? the psp graphics are at roughly the same level as the ps2, although the lowish resolution on the screen makes edges and stuff slightly more fuzzy. as for gameplay, the biggest problem with the psp is the lack of a second analog stick. while the control setup can work for some game types, its basically worthless for shooters. also, i think the analog stick is too low on the sytem; it hurts my hands to play(i have hueg hands, though).
the biggest thing with the psp 2000 and 3000, though, is the size and bulk. or, more specifically, the lack thereof. the thicker 1000 and 1001 versions are much more comfortable, in my professional opinion. ;)
I've been fairly surprised with how relatively durable they are.

My daughter's dropped hers a fair amount of times, and it's gone right back together and kept on ticking :dahroll:
mine randomly stopped working a few months ago :gonk: I got a psp go right before remembering that I had a warranty on it. I stall have yet to return it. they are amazing though :awesome: