Psone Screen

First off: Why would you put 9v into the screen a second time if you knew it had already fried something?
Secondly, You may need a new screen.

the screen can take 9v at the maximum. no more. not even .1v. If you used a 9.6v rc battery, it would fry it. so to be completely safe, only use 7.2-8.5 (or even safer) 8v.
Because I didn't know. As far as I knew my battery was 7.4v, and I had no multimeter to test. And I tried a second time... Actually, I don't know why I tried again :gonk:

Doesn't matter anyways. Turns out I removed the polarizing film when I tried to do the antiglare mod, so it's useless anywho. I'm going to by a DX screen.