PS2 homebrew/backups running without swapdisc or chip


Found a great way of running homebrew and backups. Runs modified code off the memory card, so no harm should come to your PS2 during this ;)

Phat PS2 (Tried and it doesn't work on a slim)
Action Replay Max (One with USB support)
USB stick
PS1 game (Any should work but I've only tried it with Tomb Raider 2)
PS2 memory card (as long as it has Magicgate support)

And these files
Titleman Frontend
PS2 Savebuilder
McBoot package
ESR patcher

Exploit your memory card

Step 1.
First you need to find out the ID of the PS1 game you're using. To do this either find it written on the CD/case or use IDGET. Pop your game into the disc drive of your computer and open the IDGET application.

Select your disc drive from the drop down menu and then hit the "GET" button,

You should note your ID down in the format SLUS_xxx.xx

Step 2.
Open the "Titleman Frontend.exe"

Click ‘Create TITLE.DB’ and type the ID of your PS1 game into the bar at the bottom left in the proper format. Finally click "Add Exec".

Step 3.
Open "ps2save-builder.exe"

From the file menu, create a new file. In the box next to root/ID type:
"BADATA-SYSTEM" if your game is NSTC
"BEDATA-SYSTEM" if your game is PAL

Drag the "TITLE.DB" file from the "titlemanfrontend" folder and "BOOT.ELF" from the "uLaunch" folder into the left hand box as shown.

Save your file as "exploit" as filetype "*.max"

Drag the "exploit.max" file onto your USB stick and then head to your PS2.

At the PS2
Step 1.
Insert your memory card and USB stick into their sockets and boot up your Action Replay disc.

Step 2.
Select "Max Memory" and select your memory card when the Memory Mananger loads

Select and delete "Your System Configuration"

Step 3.
Go back to the previos menu using the triangle button.Then select your USB Stick.

Select "New_File" (this is the exploit.max file) and Uncrush it to your memory card.

Step 4.
Reset the console, remove the USB stick and insert your PS1 game into the PS2. Wait for the game to boot. The screen should flash white for a moment and tehn you should see this screen.

If so, congrats!! The hard work is done :mrgreen:

Install McBoot onto your card

At the computer
Step 1.
Extract and copy the files in the Mcboot folder into the base of your USB stick.

At the PS2
Step 1:
Insert the USB stick into the PS2 and boot up the PS2 as before with the PS1 disc in it.

Once the screen appears, select the file browser with the O button, then mass:/, find "FREE_MCBOOT" and select it with the O button.

Step 2:
This screen should then appear

Select "Normal install" and hit X to install McBoot onto your memorycard.
Wait until the installer is finished and voila, you're finished.

Think this is what most people will be using this guide for, know I did :p

This is easy peasy, first aquire a PS2 game from your favorite torrent site. Then patch this ISO with ESR Patcher and burn the patched ISO to a DVD. Boot your PS2 up with the disc inserted and the Ps2 should start ESRlauncher automatically. Select "Launch VDVD" and press X. The game should now load :mrgreen:

I'll write a guide to PS2 homebrew when i've had more of a fiddle with it.

PM me if you have any questions ;)

Also, if you can't do this you could send your memory card to me in a stamped address envelope and i'll do it for you free of charge. UK only though but I'm sure someone Stateside could do the same.
Re: Guide:pS2 homebrew/backups running without swapdisc or chip

Fantastic guide!

I'll offer to do US members who want this done for them - I've been doing the standard Independence exploit for people for quite some time now, with this guide I'll have ESR down by the weekend.

DK, does ESR ONLY work with games on the DVD, or does it work with SMS and emulator discs too? And will it work for standard CDs, as opposed to DVDs?
Re: Guide:pS2 homebrew/backups running without swapdisc or chip

I don't think it will work on standard CD's, due to the memory needed. You can burn PSone games on CD's though.
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And even if you DO find out how to do this on some modern consoles, don't post it; If the developers find out, they will fix it.
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Basement_Modder said:
I don't think it will work on standard CD's, due to the memory needed. You can burn PSone games on CD's though.

For instance, the PS2 games that had the blue media were CD. Also, one could put SNES Station or the Genesis emulator with some ROMs on a CD and run it that way. I know it works on swap methods, but I wasn't sure if ESR worked with just DVDs or if it worked for both medias.