ps1 screen on ebay for $16 !!!!!!!!

I seriously hope you were joking. deals like this are getting harder and harder to come by, and after I bought one of those screens, I saw another for cheap, so I felt the need to point it out to our modding community so somebody with a low budget could get this screen for a portable.

Oh, ad I noticed that after I put this topic up that somebody bid and bought the screen. Just wondering, who won it?
Ahem, um so....who bought it? it was obviously somebody from here because there were no bids until after I made this thread.
Caredo said:
XCVG said:
I ALMOST back-seat modded once, but I didn't have a screwdriver.

Scary thought- you can get a soldering iron that plugs into a cigarette lighter! ... R-1100.asp

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That's a horrid idea. What were the inventors thinking when they made this? Everyone knows we modders are far too poor to afford a vehicle, so why would they need something that requires a car?

You are going to solder in a moving car and your concern is GETTING one?