PS1 EBOOT images

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Linked from my topic on creating PS1 EBOOTs.

Looking for some cool images to spice up your PS1 EBOOTs so you have something pretty to look at while perusing the XMB? Or have you made some images you're particularly satisfied with and want to share them with others? Then this topic is for you!

Here's what I've got for my games, all made myself unless otherwise noted:

"Tomb Raider": Background, Thumbnail, which I found

"Rayman": Background, Thumbnail

"Ridge Racer": Background, Thumbnail

"Gran Turismo 2": Background [Arcade Mode], Background [Simulation Mode], Thumbnail, which I found

"Warhawk": Background, Thumbnail

Feel free to use these - I really don't mind.

I now have another image set to add: "R-Types."

The thumbnail:

The background:
eurddrue said:
He's a spambot :rofl:
He's a troll. :dahroll: jk (sorry, had to do it)

Also, I remember when I used to make eboots. Once I had it right, a made some nice ones for ff7 and ff8, and Dragon Warrior VII.