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i am going to get a cellphone soon, but i dont like any of the verizon phones. does anyone know of any good, unlocked gsm phones i could get, then slap a verizon sim card in? i would prefer to have a "smart" phone. one with wifi, bluetooth, a powerful processor (you know, omap 2, or 3, or similar), graphics acceleration, so on and so forth. price doesnt really matter. and i dont want to get an iphone. :awesome:
suggestions? :dah:
First, you should make sure you have a sim card. I have Verizon and we don't use sim cards in our phones..
icarus said:
First, you should make sure you have a sim card. I have Verizon and we don't use sim cards in our phones..
no, you can get a verizon sim card from the verizon store. i talked to them tonight. ;)
Sorry dude, but Verizon does NOT use SIM Cards.

Now, I know you can get one there.
But listen.

Verizon does NOT use SIM cards.

Verizon DOES have Vodafone SIM cards used for international customers.

Verizon does NOT have SIM Cards.

I'm sorry dude, but you're stuck with Verizon's selection.
Which, as far as I'm concerned, is crap.

I've got an EnV Touch (got it yesterday :awesome:), and it's about the best Verizon phone I've ever had.
It's also a complete waste because the touchscreen and accelerometer are really only used for your normal everyday phone business.
I can assure you, there isn't a single decent game for ANY Verizon phone. (This of course excludes simple stuff, like Tetris)
but! but....but...they said......i could buy...a..standard sim card to use in unlocked gsm cellphones. like the omnia, before it went to the cell networks! :confused:
The people that work there have no idea what they are doing. :p Last time I got a new phone, the battery would only last 4 hours because the person set it up wrong.
If the company won't give you a SIM card, they are crap and therefore not worth your money. Cell phone companies are criminal, even here in Canada. They charge you for INCOMING text messages now, which is just insane. It's not like a phone call which you can choose not to answer. You automatically receive it, and they charge you. Don't they make enough ripping people off on outgoing messages?

In any case, HTC Dream or HTC Magic (whatever they are called in the US). It's like an open-platform iPhone.
A company is not crap simply because they do not give you a SIM. :rolleyes: GSM phones use SIM cards, CDMA ones do not, simple as that; If they have a CDMA network, then no SIM card for you!

Anyhow, Verizon is CDMA, so that limits your options. If you have $499, you could get a no contract, unlocked Palm Pre. :mrgreen: If money IS an issue, then I agree, the HTC Dream is nice.

Verizon kinda has the flaxty phones. :( Sprint FTW! :awesome:
Sometimes I wish my parents would use another service provider so I could get a better phone. :(

I have been useing a LG ENv for 3 years because nothing better has come along. Still useing the original battery too, lasts for a week! :eek:
My parents only bought me a cheap phone, and I'm too cheap to pay for my own. Especially since I don't use it enough to warrent a plan, which I don't like anyway. In any case I have a Rogers Samsung J706. It's okay, got an okay camera, has a microSD slot which is nice, came with a USB cable which is good. Annoyingly all the buttons are locked out when it's closed (it's a slide phone) when it's on, BUT when it's off the power button is still active. Also, even a momentary tap turns it on, you don't have to hold it down. So it keeps turning on in my pocket.
I hate all verizon phones. I just use an unlocked iPhone 3G on a T-Mobile my faves plan. They really need to make an iPhone that works on CDMA networks.
My dad had his old Nokia N90 sitting useless for 2 years because it was simlocked to a Philippine telco (SMART Gold) and I just got it unlocked using a DKU5 cable. Replacing my old SE K700i.
so, where can i get an unlocked htc dream? and then do i just take it into the verizon store and ask them to flash it to my account?