Overhauled Game Trading Program, with new stuff!

Pokemon Pikachu Ed.

Classic NES series: The Legend of Zelda(CiB)
Zelda Minish cap (CiB)
Fire Emblem (CiB)

Red Alert
Resident Evil 2
Crash Bash

That is my stuff. ::3:
Unless you had gotten it already?
snowpenguin said:

To submit games to the list, or add games you want, PM me. The PM needs to include a list of the games you have and the ones you want, and it needs to say what system each of these are for. It needs to be easy to understand and spelling should be done correctly as copying and pasting will be used.


Confused as to why we need two of these, but...

epicelite! I want your Pokemon Yellow! Is there anything your looking for in particular? Any games for certain systems?
I have

Phantasy star 2 cart only for genesis
Star wars Shadows of the empire completeish for N64
Warioland for Virtualboy
Sonic CD. still shrink wrapped for pc
Sonic and Knuckles collection. With sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, and Sonic 3 and Knuckles for pc
Sanfrancisco rush 2049 for Dreamcast. Complete.
Dukes of Hazzard for ps1. Disc only.
Prize fighter for Sega CD, no box or manual, just a 2 disc case.
N64 Shadows of the Empire. Box, Manual, cart, but not that cardboard insert.
Atari lynx Games. Cards only. Cyberball, Rampage, and Baseball Heroes
Odyssey 2 cart. Speedway! Spinout! Cryptologic!
Colecovision carts: Donkey Kong, Victory
a cache of fifa soccer for sega cd
Megs Man 8 for psx