One more reason California is screwed

Hmmm... this is interesting. Well I suppose it's time a build a giant bowl around my house. The floods will sweep it up, I'll throw down an anchor, and I will live safely along the new coastline. I will make sure to have plenty of drainage for the coming "frankenstorms."
Palmer if it makes you feel better, I live thirty minutes from one of the highest canidate of cities to be nuked, NYC. Winds would blow nuclear fallout to my town, and the water would become radiated leaving no escape, I'd die a slow and painful death.
PalmerTech said:
I would be screwed so hardcore you would not even believe.
Earthquakes, monstrous floods, and drugged up celebrities galore!
Zen, if you die, i can have all your pie right? if not use the pumpkin as a helmet, and fairy-godmother yourself a pumpkin craft!
If California somehow breaks off from the US, Nevada will be a coastal state! Yay, I've always wanted to live by the ocean!

All you California people should move to Reno if that happens. Then we can all hang out and stuff.
If a crazy freak storm like this happens, I have a foolproof plan.

1. Load all computers and canned food into V8 station wagon.

2. Drive across the street to the liquor store, break the windows, and raid the entire place, by force if needed (I live in a residential area, but by a loophole, there is a small 1 story commercial liquor store. People have offered the old man who owns it hundreds of thousands for it so they can build a condo or something, but he refuses). Steal all hard liquor, beer is too cheap to bother with.

3. Drive to my job at the end of the peninsula I live on, US Sailing Center of Long Beach. Unload all alcohol, food, and electronics into the largest powerboat we have, a Grand Banks Committee Boat, using our loading ramp. I would be able to get to the sailing center before anyone else, living within 1 minute driving distance, so I would be the first person with access to the facilities. To prevent other cars from being able to enter the peninsula, I would quickly push all our trailers into the two lane road right outside that leads to the opening, then sever our fueling line from our underground fuel storage area, and throw the severed end into the street. Turn on pump, and ignite the resulting pool, it would buy me a river of fire for at least 15 minutes before draining. I do not need a load of idiot raiders trying to steal all the boats, that is my job.

4. While I am doing this, my family/friends will raid the sailing center for all marine clothing, flares, weaponry, fishing tools, inflatable boats, and all of our wheeled gaswalkers, and load them onto our biggest sailboat, a 62 foot trans-pac yacht. Use our nylon towing lines to tie the powerboat and sailboat together, run a flashstart on the engine, and gun it out to Chaffee island. It is a currently non-operation oil drilling facility, with a screw of only 8 right now. On the island, they have the food, water, and other things needed to live in complete isolation for 40 days, on a crew of 70 PEOPLE. I would either take them out by force, or trade my massive stash of alcohol for a spot on the island. They have a full, concrete covered storage facility for their transport boats that can weather any storm. Also, they have a helicopter.

Depending on how badly Cali is wiped out after the, I will then either cruise the wreckage for survivors of our ruined kingdom (ala Wind Waker), make the oil drilling island my semi-permanent residence, or go out 28 more miles to Catalina Island.

Palmer, your plan sounds like a scene from a video game.

Actually, that would be awesome: A survival-horror game that takes place during and after a freak California storm. I mean, why are there no natural disaster survival-horror games?
It would be an awesome game, or at least a level in one. :p

Also, I could run through the entire above scenario up to the point where I leave the center in the boats in less than an hour, and the trip to the island would only take another hour or so. So yeah, I would need SOME warning... This is actually my failsafe for any kind of disaster. :p If I skip the store raiding, flame barrier, and just need to get out ASAP, I can get out of my house, onto the Grand Banks, and be under way in less than 10 minutes. Only about a week of food on board, so not the best way, but it might have to do.
I saw at E3 that there was a game where you are a dude wondering around a torn apart L.A...what was the name of that game?
Palmer, that plan just gave me an epic idea. I'm gonna write a short story (20-40) pages about SS and I(Both being badass vigilantes) and some other people on MR after everyone goes crazy after 2012 and we need to escape the anarchy to the oil island to save all of our knowlege of technology which has been utterly destroyed