Nintenbdo Vs. MicroSoft VS. Sony

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The Wii sucks balls!

The PS2 sucks!

Xbox can't be ran by batteries!

So I guess they all fail in some sort of way.
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There's a Spaghetti Operating System?
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The PS3 is a better system, but the Xbox 360 has more notable games.
*waits for twilight wolf to come in and say," DIS AINT 2006 WE HAZ GUD GAMEZ 2!"

I might get a ps3 for the blu-ray compatibility though. Or just a top of the line blu-ray player. I'm not sure yet.




I'd have to go with Microsoft, when it comes to the 7th gen lineup.

6th: Gamecube
5th: Nintendo 64
4th: SNES
3rd: NES

I do loooove all the 4th gen and 5th gen consoles though.
Eurdrue, This isn't 2006, the Ps3 has many good exclusives. But still, Sony persists on making consoles that aren't a pleasure to program for. even the PS2 was apparently Too hard to develop for. Nintendo appealed to a crowd that had been un-touched before, Seniors, but now that every senior has one, they wont upgrade , and they ever will. they are the stubborn ones that say, "We have these games, we don't need any new ones.". and the Xbox 360 set its price perfect for Tweens parents, people living in an apartment alone, and almost everyone. That is why it sold so well. But with the failure rate up above 70%, it cant hang on much longer before people get pissed at shoddy products. The PS3 priced itself out of the market for most people. Most game developers didn't bother with it because, no one had one, plus, sony priced their devkit at the low price of $10,250 seven virgins.
After fixing a 360 and a PS3 now, playing a Wii many times, and now owning a PS3, I think I've formed a more-informed opinion on the matter.

Nintendo's cutesy image just doesn't do it for me, aside from the fact that as far as technology goes, it fails (yes, I'm one of those guys that loves a game just for its aesthetic value. So sue me.) I know it has more "adult" games now, but I still leave a game feeling like I just played a kid's game.

The nunchuck/controller/whatever set up is "meh" to me at best. Nothing special.

No Bluray.

The 360's controllers drive me absolutely batflax. They are also unthinkably loud; I was completely surprised on the noise level. Our network server at work is about the same noise level. At least it quiets down after a while.

The 360's beginning price point only works for the white console, otherwise you need to get the "elite"... which costs as much as a PS3.

No Bluray.

The PS3 is expensive. Obnoxiously so. The games aren't any better. The controllers aren't cheap, either. I have two games, two controllers, and a PS3 slim, which cost $415 altogether. Insane.

Furthermore, homebrew/backups/HD storage isn't all that possible at the current time (if ever?)

But, the PS3 has Bluray, natively streams movies wirelessly from the PC, and has access to downloadable content. (Does the Xbox have these features, other than Bluray? I don't know, really.)

To address each systems' downfalls, from my own perspective:

Answer to cutesy image: Xbox/PS3
Answer to technology fail: Xbox/PS3
Answer to controller issues: Xbox/PS3
Answer to age-appropriate game content: Xbox/PS3
Answer to lack of Bluray: PS3

Answer to controller problem: PS3
Answer to noise problem: Wii/PS3
Answer to console aesthetic: PS3
Answer to lack of Bluray: PS3

Answer to expense: Wii/Xbox
Answer to lack of homebrew: Wii/Xbox