My trade thread

Hey! You may know me from . If you don't here's my feedback on benheck.

weaponepsilon on benheck said:
Received my trade form Desertman123 today! Great guy @!

PS1 Scph (or whatever) 5501 with power and AV cords
2 Controllers
Frogger 2
Sno Cross Championship Racing
Test Drive: Off Road
X-Bladez Inline Skater
Card Games

Loose/No Manual
Supercross 98
Spongebob Super Sponge
Pizza Hut Demo Disc

Runescape account!
Chef Andrey3
Level 74

Will trade for:
Super Nintendo with controller and games (Super Mario World/All Stars cart would rock my socks off) I'd like it white! no chips, if you need to paint it, make sure the original logo is in tact
Sega CD (I'd like a model 1, but model 2s are OK)
If I do get a Super Nintendo, SNES/N64/GC S-video cable
A bunch of Genesis/NES games
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
Genesis Model 1 AV cord
Genesis 6 Button Controller
Re: Trading PS1 collection!

I have a 6-button genesis controller and some games, that's about it.
Re: Trading PS1 collection!

Desertman123 said:
What games do you have?

I also may put this on ebay.

I'm too lazy to post them, check my trading thread. I may have some others too.