My GBC mod WIP


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You will notice that all the work I've done so far was mainly on the case. This is because I bought a broken GBC, just to study the circuits and everything I need to know about it.

I threw away the screen protector because I'm going to use a better one.
I cleaned the case with acetone, then sanded down all the words which were on the case; start/select, EXT, Comm. I also removed the port which lets you play the gameboy off wall power and filled in the hole with bondo.


Anyone who has played the gameboy color can tell you that it is hard to see the game you are playing, as the screen is not lit in anyway. I had a broken Gameboy SP screen around and decided to crack it open and look inside. I found this light panel:

I had to sand down the GBC so it would fit. (It has been sanded and looks nice now) 8)

I filled up the area where the volume scroll button was with bondo and ABS cement.
I put primer on the bottom half of the case to see if there were any holes or gaps in my bondo work.
I then sanded the case to make it ready for painting.



P.S Sorry for the big pics, Im not in the resizing mood :lol:
More to come soon!
I had to write it like that for my school.
I get credits for doing this, but the teachers there are retarded so I have to explain it to them in that way..
Im replacing that volume scrolling thing with tact switches, which will be located in a more comfortable position.
Sounds like, besides the frontlight, that you are downgrading it.

Also, what's the point of changing the volume control wheel thing? I like it. Why did you sand down the start/select, EXT and Comm words?
Who even has the correct plug for that?
You may like the volume control thing, but I don't. I'm moving it to a place where its comfortable for me.
If you are like me, and you know which button is where, you don't really need labels.
Also sanding down the words makes the GBC sleeker.
I will have to agree with argel that the port on the bottom he filled in is nearly 100% useless.
Yeah. Back when I was 12, when I needed power, I did it the right way. I walked down to the Mi Rancho market, and stealthily shoplifted off-brand AA's. Years later, I always let them keep the change from pruchases.
Double post.

Small update: Case and buttons were painted just to see what it would look like.

Still have lots of work to do on it though. :)

Picked out a name and made a logo
Sometimes the panel from a backlight is usable as a frontlight, but it is more likely that it looks like dongs.

If it does work, please tell me - that would mean that ANY GBASP could be used as a light source.