Modding saved me


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I forgot to work on something that I really had to do for school, as it was a really High scoring project in English 11. I happened to bring what I was working on to school, and I was lucky. Up until that point I had completely forgotten about the Great Expectations project, and today I needed something to show or else I would get no points. Luckily, I had the thought to use my worklog and gbc mod to represent how Pip changed over time, and I got full credit. :mrgreen: How cool is it that modding actually helped in school? It is actually getting me points for something I was going to do anyways! :awesome:
Haha that's awesome! I wish that would happen to me since all my projects are boring. I'm making a commercial right now in english.
The Question said:

Also, nobble, I am making a commercial, but it's in psychology.

What's your commercial about? mines about some sort of hair gel haha.

and @ bentomo where in mn do you live? I'm near the cities.
bentomo said:
:ninj: beats :pirate: every time.

Oh and I live in bemidji

Sweet. I'm down in lakeville. Are you going to the midwest gaming classic '10? I hopefully will be going. you should come and show off your portables.