Making N64p to Sell


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I'm working on a second N64p to sell. I'm in need of cash, though, so I want to see if anybody is willing to claim it already.

Here are the specs:
7" High quality screen with option to switch from 4::3: to 16:9 (When it's in 4::3: mode it's actually bigger that the PSOne screen) Uses S-Video, so quality is astounding!
4000mAh batteries for about 3.5 hours of battery life
Low battery Indicator
2" Thick (about 5cm)
Back folds out to put cartridge in, cassette style
Only has jumper pack, sorry. Might be able to fit expansion pack, we'll see.

Take a look at the current worklog, and see what you think of the design. Make sure you look at all the pictures.

What I really need is about $40 to finish this thing. If anybody might be interested in it, please PM me or post in the thread. We can negotiate a price, but probably keep it around $375. Also, if you want it, you could specify any special features you want while it is still being built.

Here's what it's going to look like overall:


It will be painted black, or whatever color the buyer chooses. If there are any potential buyers out there, send me a PM or post here. Also, remember that the portable is still in the rough stages of building; all the gaps in the case will be filled in and such.
It's to sell, so, not really. I will be making a worklog over here, though.
No offence, but that looks like there will be a lot of strain on your hands and rather uncomfortable. Think, holding 3 pounds by two little pieces of plastic.
You don't actually hold it by the flanks. Though it may seem that's the intention, when you hold it it's actually much more natural to hold the bottom of the entire portable and just use your thumbs to work the controls. It's actually quite comfortable.
Bumpdate: I got the screen to work with S-Video! The quality is astounding. ;) So instead of color bleeding and a blurry picture, it now looks like the PSone screen! For more details, click here.