Magellan Maestro 3250 battery.


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So I bought this thing off SUPER EBAY for $30 shipped and all it appears to need is a new battery. Current(lol, battery puns) one reads "0.003V".

Closest I can find is... ... 2005r26954

It appears to have the same connector and same colored wires, so do you think I should go for it?

Here is the current(lol, puns again) battery, apparently I need a "T0052" but I cant find one?

does the battery pack you have have any indication of the pinout? you might be able to open it and find some cheapie li-po cell. Switch it out.
I tried finding the battery pinout online, but nada:(. One thing to note, it is a model T0052 battery. It got me more results for sure to search that.
I can drop your ps1 av port and power jack at the post office, but I'd leik some change to ship it out.
Oh yeah, you could have put that in a PM. :p

Anyway send me ur PayPal and I will send u a couple dollarz.