Intec 5.4" Mobile Color Game Screen...


This is the model of the screen that, from Amazon reviews, seems to be of lesser quality.

Does anybody know if it would be a decent/good screen for a portable? If so, for what system(s) would it work?

If anybody has any ideas, maybe from personal experience, of how well it works, please let me know. Thanks! :D
It works with all system that output composite, but I am vry loosely using the term "works" The quality is horrible on all systems. This includes 4-bit systems such as the atari 2600. You will not imagine the horrible quality of the intec screens until you actually see one in use. Also, the thing is an absolute power hog. The backlight is HUGE and the thing takes 12 volts. Stay far away from this screen. If somebody gives you one for free, don't use it in a portable. All it would be good for is a testing screen or for salvaging parts from.
Apparently a piece of crap. The newer Intec screens are okay though. If you can get it really cheap or free then do so, otherwise don't bother.
Ahh, dang! I bought one a while back, before I had realized which one I'd be receiving (I guess there's a decent version of the screen and a horrible version)...I received the horrible one. :oops: