Increase sensativity on a joystick?


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I'm trying to get a ps2 joy stick to work on a yobo controller. I just barely works. In mario 64 mario tip-toes along.

So is there a way to increase the sensitivity on a joystick?
Wire up some resistors mah boy.

I'm sure someone else could explain in detail, if you don't figure it out on your own.
multimeters are your friends, check the resistance on the pot's and then compare/match it to the ps2 analog stick
I've already tried to match the resistance to the joystick, not working. Plus it would help if I knew how the n64 controller works with a potentiometer.
some pot's vary their resistace once they are powered, test the resistance when powered/unpowered on both interfaces
Unfortunately I don't know how to measure pots but I'll tell you what I know. The pots lowest is 1K and the highest is around 10K and idle is 6K. And using 10K on each line coming from the n64 causes mario to run backwards all the time even when the joystick is idle so 16K is to high. I also think that the gamecube joystick is 15K pot so 16K is too much.
kk here's my 5 cents about potentiometers, joysticks and physics.


potentiometers generally have three pins, to test the resistance you'd have one side of the multimeter in the middle and one on the side, then you'd set the multimeter to ohms and check the reading when the pot is neutral, far left and far right, this is for the X axis. for the Y axis same thing except up/down.

after looking through my n64 3rd party controller i'm stumped at it, it has three solder points...not 4
all leaing to a semi standard potentiometer

does your yobo have three or four connections?
So what does this "normal setup" look like?

I think I'm going to experiment with a gamecube controller since I know that works. Should help me understand how the 64 controller works with the joystick.