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So, yeah. Nothing super simple like an LED hooked up to a battery, I've got more skill than that. Any ideas?

I'm already working on a portable so don't suggest that :p
Right now I'm converting an RC car to have a propeller, and I'm going to build a USB hub and card reader box for my PC.
nuclear fusion powered gameboy
drug smuggling remote control car
stairway to the sun
you just need creativity! :awesome:
Howabout an LED hooked up to a battery? That's always fun.

If you want to tackle something hard, try making a Stairway to Heaven NES/SNES/N64/GCN/GBA laptop? It would be a massive hunk of circuits, but it would also be able to play any non-Wii Nintendo game! But use a Model 1 SNES and a model 1 NES, instead of a Retro Duo. Then you'd have full compatibility.

Or, if you don't want something anywhere near as hard, try making a Rechargeable GBC mod with a frontlight, or try a mod similar to the one where the guy made his PAL-SNES look like a Wii.
Laptops and portables are different.

Sorta. :dahroll:

And SNES LEDs are definitely not portables.

I don't really know what you like to do (other than portablizing, of course) but maybe you could make a flash game, or something.

Maybe you could modify a pair of headphones, somehow. I don't know, a good way to find something to do is to just look around and just think of the craziest ways something could be made better.
One easy and simple thing to do is make custom buttons on a controller.
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Make binaural microphones out of an old pair or earbuds. :awesome:
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