Improving the GameGear?


Well, I've been looking to mod something for a while when I thought of this: What if I modded the GameGear? I remember hearing it was a great console, but it took too many batteries.
So, what I want to do is:
1. Put in a new rechargeable battery
2. New Case
3. Get a cartridge with multiple games (could be tough)
4. Built in memory cards for savegames
I was thinking that I could simply build in a flash cart and simply upload stuff to it via USB, but I can't seem to find one...
Any ideas/help/advice/other?
As long as you're planning on putting new batteries in it, LED mod it. It'll increase battery life up to four times.

As for the "cartridge with multiple games" thing, your only option is a flash cart. Tototek's got the only GG flash cart I've ever seen, but it will run you $85 + shipping. It sure doesn't look compatible with any kind of memory card, I think you're kinda screwed on the idea of integrating a memory card.
Not a bad one to start with at all. Nothing wrong with the screen, though. They're all like that. The GG's screen just has an extremely limited viewing angle. The LED mod does improve that a bit.

If you end up getting it and recasing it, would you mind letting me know? I got a blue GG in rough shape, cosmetically.
I'm playing around, trying to find a source for stereo sound. Not all games support it, but the ones that do output stereo through the headphone jack. I tried to take the audio right off the jack and failed, but now, I'm almost certain it failed because I didn't short the switch at the back of the jack. I'll be trying again, and I'll gladly share when I have it working.

I've been playing around with some GBASP and DSL batteries I have, but I kind of wanted something that would last longer. I need two just to get up to voltage, but then I only have about 600 mAh. If I use four, I could get 7.4V up to about 1200 mAh, but I'd prefer not to use that many.
You mean in real life? If you want to order them online, you can get them for about $5 each, 1800mah with protection board. Need links?
PalmerTech said:
Why not use a PSP or iphone battery?

Definitely something worth pursuing. At the moment, I'm hard up for funds, and I already have half a dozen SP/DS batteries and a charger to rip up.