I'm having problems with my ps2.


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For some reason my ps2 wont read anything; no games, no dvds no disks. I've had it for maybe 7-9 yrs or so, but it worked fine just a little while ago, but now it just says: Disk read error.
Anyone know how to solve this problem?
This may be a dirty laser lens. You can try getting it cleaned, or replacing the lens. Be careful though, you may end up breaking the new one during installation.

However, considering how dirt cheap PS2s are these days, I would suggest picking one up at a flea market or garage sale.
I can't find any cheap PS2s :gonk:

On topic though, if all else fails replace the laser assembly. Just make sure you don't screw it up like I did.
A.)There are no Flea Markets & Garage Sales are uncommon(Where I live)
B.)I've never seen a price for a ps2 lower than $70.
C.)I'm going to try to fix it somehow.
Z.)Thanks anyway for the Help

Gamestops in my area are so f'kin conveinient, I can trade my ps2 for another one.
tell me where this gamestop is, because I only have 90 dollar slims and 60 dollar used ps2 phats.