I need an avatar


Official Hypello of ModRetro
Okay, I've been on this site for a couple of months now, and I dont have an avatar because I can think of a good one. does anybody have any good ideas I could use?
Acually that is one of the natives
the one on the right is one of the avatars

even better in 3D
Well, what kind are you looking for? I could photoshop up something for you if you need it :)
I'm looking for one that is somewhat eyecatching, like that one with the keyboard, and it has to incorporate a question mark, I think.

EDIT: Also, thanks for helping me out on this, I had absolutely no ideas for this, other that that I wanted it to have a question mark.
Love that movie, so awesome, and it held my attension for 3 hours, no 3 hour movie has EVER done that before, 3D gave me motion sickness thought, couldnt eat my candy. :dahroll: :gonk:
I now have an avatar, for a while anyways. It's an art project that I had a month or so ago. Thanks for the pictures though, I may choose to make an avatar based off of them at a later point. Avatar is that good, huh? I havnt been able to watch it yet.