I need a painfully simple piece of metal fabricated for me..

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It's a 1" by 3" piece of 1/4" steel with 3 holes drilled in it.

I'll post measurements if anybody is able to do this for me.

I'm looking to trade for something. I have a 7.5v, 3500mAh battery up for grabs! :tophat: You'd have to include a little extra money for it, though.
If I find a steel sheet. I will do it for and ship it free(if it like 1 dollar). I am pretty sure it is becasue its only going to be 1in by 3in.

I know I have a sheet of steel becasue I had to make a cover for the fan, but it might not be 1/4in.
I don't have the tools or the materials. :sweat:

EDIT: I've found someone who can do it for me in real life. Locked!
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