I made a 45 clock!


Crazy Train
Ok, so a while back, a friend gave me a very poor condition John Denver 45. It was heavily scratched and there was a thin crack on one side.

I played it and the record sounded terrible and it skipped all the way through. I had no use for it really, so I decided to turn it into a clock.

I bought a quartz clock motor from micheals crafts, and just combined the two.



the lighting in the picture makes it look bad but in real life it looks great. With the light you can see how scratched up my friend let the record get.
I wouldn't do it to a beatles album unless it it badly damaged. Something like a beatles album can fetch you quite a bit on ebay.
Well, they're really not worth a whole heck of a lot unless they're rare (I have a copy of Sgt. Pepper's in mono that's worth about $100, but that's the most valuable one I own), but don't worry, I wouldn't use any of my playable Beatles albums anyway. I've got a completely hopeless copy of Magical Mystery Tour with a nasty green Capitol label that I'd probably use for this.
ah, that's good then.

That mono beatles album you have makes me think. I wonder how much my mono copy of the monkey's first album is worth.
My parents brought home a box of crappy records home, maybe I'll try something like this myself. Also, that is a very cool clock.
thanks. Also, how are the records crappy? are they in poor condition? Or are they bands you don't like. If they are bands you don't like, I may be interested in buying some from you depending on what they are.
I think that a some are in bad condition, some are repeats, and most are bands that I dont like. I dont think I can sell them (yet...) because we havent decided what to do with them.
Dang, Bo.

Don't do monster bumps unless you actually have something to add.

With that said... adding to the "other" megasticky.