I am looking to have a high quality custom ps2 portable made please inquire within


NOTE: My terms are more then reasonable and I pay very well for quality work. my budget for this project at present time is 2100 USD

Here is my design for both the front and back of the unit if you are up to the task and accept the below terms pm me.


Requirements are as follows:

Consistent Communication between both parties via phone, teamspeak, or skype.

Good Battery Life
Internal HD
Custom designed case
Option to play while plugged in so I do not need to keep recharging
Audio Jack
Real buttons and sticks not knobs or something else stupid
Efficient design inside ( clean )
Sturdy materials must be used in construction


Direct Secure Bank Payment only from my bank to yours, this is not negotiable.

Half your fee up front and Half on proof of full functionality.


Direct Secure Bank Payment only from my bank to yours, this is not negotiable.

You must preform at least a 48 hour burn in test to ensure the unit is stable and reliable.

!*Do not contact me if you do not accept my terms*!
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? what is that? what is whats app?
Is that a cell phone thing O.o I only have skype and teamspeak and landline o.o..
Okay seriously, am I the only one that knew from ModU's first post on this site that he's this guy?
Hey guys I am from India I love modding consoles.
If you want a customade handheld like:-
-ps3 laptop
-ps4 laptop
-Xbox 360 laptop
-Xbox one laptop
I assure quality work. I charge 20dollar/hr + parts
Any body interested can contact me
Hmm, he must be very knowledgeable, right? But then a few days later:
Hey guys I want a ps2 laptop with 1tb ssd so that I can play all games at the go can someone build this
Umm, what? So he continues to advertise his modding abilities on everbody's commission requests until I shame him on one of them and he leaves the site...

...then about the same time he leaves, a new user comes, called "ModU".
Hi I am new to this forum I have seen ashen ps2 I want one badly please reply
Aww, how genuine. But then a few weeks later, in reply to this very thread asking for a ps2 portable:
I can build you one I am an indian citizen
And throughout the whole time, both of them trash the forums with questions like "Can I fit a ps2 inside a laser doodle case" Hmm why would you randomly wonder whether a ps2 could fit in some random obscure toy, is it maybe because you've seen multiple people do it already???

I'm not accusing anybody of anything... but... sheesh this guy.

Sorry Mesys for hijacking your thread to out this guy again, but I don't want anyone to get scammed by him or anyone like him. If anybody reading this wants to commission a portable, and someone claims he can do it but has no experience and has only even been a member of the site for a few weeks which you can check by the way on their profile, don't even message them back.
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Ya I know it but
I will prove myself now
Sort for all that *Can'tSayThisOnTV*ing mistakes
Let me be clear:
Prove yourself by actually accomplishing something, by actually building a portable, and DO NOT offer to build one for anyone else until you do.
The thing is I can and want to build one but I don't have money after my 1st commission post I messed up everything
No one believe me only mesys is the one who believed me if i was wrong then I would not have given my personal cell number in forum also I have a call with mesys tommorow
No one believe me only mesys is the one who believed me if i was wrong then I would not have given my personal cell number in forum also I have a call with mesys tommorow
Well if she has any sense, then she'll be able to tell for sure that you're a fake just from the call. If not, then a quick review of your past posts should seal the deal.
As "keshav": http://forums.modretro.com/index.php?search/12918/
As "ModU": http://forums.modretro.com/index.php?search/12920/

~I'm done here~
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100% agreed with Cojiro - you have littered the forums asking questions that can be answered with a basic google search, communicating poorly, disrespecting people, all while you keep claiming you're highly competent and capable. Surely if you were capable, as you continue to claim, you'd know how to google things?

And as an aside, if those accounts are both yours, that right there is a ban worthy offense, sooo.

As for the topic of the commission, unfortunately, there aren't many people around who do the quality of work you're looking for, Mesys, and several of the ones that are that good haven't done much recently - Ashen, Hailrazer and Zenloc are all basically retired, as far as I know. Given what you want, I'd think you may end up needing two people to work on the commission - one to build the portable, and another to paint it, since nobody comes to mind who is amazing at both, and still active.
i just wish someone would help me./.. at this point im willing just to go with a normal case if it means getting this done -_- Heck ill just slap a flufflepuff sticker on it lol