I am leaving on a trip... Someplace.


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You can guess where. :awesome:

I will be back on Sunday. I might be able to get net access this time, but do not count on it.
Both my computers crashed, so I had no way of contacting Palmer except by phone. I just so happened to be calling him to inquire about a cheap iPod for a friend, and he told me he was on another epic trip to Oregon. That got me off my ass and I pulled my wii out of my closet, blew off an inch of dust, (all that dust, you'd think it was a 2600, lol.) and painstakingly accessed the internet for the first time in a week. At least I can use my keyboard to type on the Wii, as this 30-second post would have taken an hour to type with the Wii remote. :awesome:

Good luck, luckey! :awesome: :awesome: :awesome:
In the process of trading him my EEE for an n64 controller plus some cash. If I had known he needed it for this trip, I would have tried to ship it sooner... PLEASE FORGIVE ME PALMER! :dahroll:
Yeah but if it's another epic adventure, then my 7-inch monstrosity would have been pretty easy to carry around. :p
Lolz it r sunday be back nao! :cry4:

He said he might trade me that Eee PC for some of my junk if he doesn't liek it. :mrgreen:
I sure hope he hates it!