Holy Wii Trimming, Batman.


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As some of you know, I have been trying to get a broken Wii mobo so I can sand off the first layer and scan the inner traces. In the meanwhile, a picture of how far you can trim a wii, and an N64 board for comparison!


In interesting note: All the BGA connections on the two main chips, ALL of them, have a via going through to the other side right underneath. Basically,those buttons up front, the SD slot, and the wifi and bluetooth boards should go straight to the chips, so if I can trace where they go to, you can trim a few good inches from the front of the board. In fact, you could eliminate the drive board connectors, too! All of those things are in the middle hidden layer, I really hope we can expose them.

Oh, and the green "IMPOSSIBLE"? That is how small it could be if you completely rebuilt the voltage regulation for EVERYTHING by hand. Not worth it by a long shot, but I left it as an option. If you were going for just gamecube, you could even strip that chip that makes it stick way out on the green outline near the top, it is just the Wii realtime clock chip. Only 8 of the traces are used so again, if we can get mid layer scans, should be easy to knock that bit off. All the voltage regulation stuff is underneath it, so not too bad.
show us how to do the voltage regulation. I will thank you. I will give you beaver pelts. You will give me booze.
Yeah, when I get some scans, I will send you all the pics. Then you can do you cool sprite-y thing. :p
If you put a Wii on a Wii Fit board and let it play games for a few hours will it get trim by itself ?
Oooooh, can I steal this and taunt you with my robbery by publicly displaying it on, say, I don't know some form of website maybe?
Not yet, please. I might make some revisions, and I realized it has some very small mistakes.

Besides, it is in no way reliable till I can confirm the locations of the hidden traces and take some scans. ;)
I guess I'll be patient then. Just like the hamburgler. Juuuust like the hamburgler. Waiting for my time to strike.