Hey, woah, hey. (It are my Burfday)

Re: Hey, woah, hey.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Happy McB...

Dang, somebody think up a new birthday greeting that hasn't been whored. :gonk:
Re: Hey, woah, hey.

Congratulations, x-year-old! Your mom got laid x+x(3/4) years ago!
Re: Hey, woah, hey.

Re: Hey, woah, hey.

It's not even 4 PM yet, no presents or anything yet.
Just lots and lots of phone calls...
And a wee bit of time with the wife, which is always nice.
bacteria said:
woah! thats the first 'smily only' post ive seen that actually gets a point across!

Happy birthday, jlee! you gonna get a drivers license? :dah:
samjc3 said:
Happy birthday, jlee! you gonna get a drivers license? :dah:
I've had one for over a year :p

'Tis a great day.
"Someone" (won't be saying who) was kind enough to treat my whole family to dinner at a local place called Marcello's...
Mine alone, for all of my stuff, drinks, desert, etc. $126.
For ME.
Over 400 for all 4 of us.
The tip, THE BLOODY TIP, was $68.

I'll be shredding presents in a few minutes here...
No birthday indicator! :o I must fix that!

*starts yelling*
*hair grows out and turns gold and silver*
*continues yelling*
*name color changes*
*stops yelling, and stares at the admin control panel with anger*

Palmertech: "Bacteria, what does the scouter say about SS's power level???"
Bacteria: "It's 9000!"
Palmertech: ":facepalm:"

*Turns head back towards jlee*
ShockSlayer: Happy birthday.
*turns back and dashes at ACP with admin fury*

You forgot the demented eyes part when you said happy birthday towards jlee :mrgreen:

And, WHO WOULD LEAVE A $68 TIP!? What are they, made of money? Jesus christ.
eurddrue said:
And, WHO WOULD LEAVE A $68 TIP!? What are they, made of money? Jesus christ.
$68 == 15% of the $453 bill.


A Scottevest PAN T-Shirt (sweeeet)
A new phone, enV Touch, yay.
$40 for Radioshack... Can't complain!
Uh... Some Pocky...
An Epoch Clock from ThinkGeek
A new Radio for my car (SO NEEDED THIS)
A new Vice WOOOOO
Some replacement Gameboy Color screen lenses. (My brother is the only one who picks gifts from the heart.)

Spent some time with Mai Waifu, always good.

Ate over $100 worth of food in a single meal, Woooo.

Uh, that's about it yup.
I'm pretty well happy.
ShockSlayer said:
Cab we see a picture of this "wife" you keep going on about? :rolleyes:
Not sure you want to :sweat:

I honestly hate 99% of her pictures, and I wish I had a better one.
They always either make her look like Heck (for lack of a better way of putting it), or a boy... I think it's intentional :wtf:

Give us a picture of this person.

Also, how are are you? Is she really your wife?