Happy New Year + Resolutions


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It's New Years eve as I write this, here in New Mexico, and has been for 2 hours and 9 minutes.

Happy New Year everyone.

Resolutions for the coming year!
Many see New Years Resolutions as things pertaining to their lives, things to change about themselves, etc.
I do not, I simply see them as goals, in any form.

At least Triple the amount of Money I make.
Keep the GF happy for a full year.
Buy another Car.
My Resolutions:

1. Lose about 50 lbs. Not really.
2. Learn how to solder SMD components well enough to shrink down my game systems. :mrgreen:
3. Finally start driving.
4. Get a (social) life.

Happy New Year!
I have three resolutions.

Keep a girlfriend for longer then a week
build more muscle tone
and make a portable
:eek: Snow, you desperately need help. I never told you this, but... Kendra is not real. She's just a projection of your pedophiliac obsessions embodied into a series of hallucinations. I know it hard to take, but it's time to get real. :lol:
My resolution is to make my resolution making my resolution of having a resolution about making a resolution by having my resolution be about resolutions.

Also, making my wiip.
Make my GBC mod top quality. I really want this to turn out right...
Improve my soldering skills
Make a portable maybe (slight chance, but a N64 portable would be awesome)
Get a job (need some money)
Get my A+
Build a PC (required the above two, lol)
My resolution, to prey on those that prey on the fearful. To inspire good, and justice...

And to beat bacteria with something heavy.

DK  said:
Finally start the DKstation.

World peace :mrgreen:

That bug in your signature makes me sad ;-; I keep thinking it's real!

My resolution - actually finish this N64p (Dang screen) and keep my girlfriend happy for ANOTHER year :) and to hit level 50 on at least one character (sorcerer or gladiator, please) on Aion
pLover said:
Finishing my SNESp
Losing some weight
Doing homework better XD

Resolutions: Not learn the plot of any twilight book/movie for ANOTHER year
Get laid
Get laid by somebody hot

1) To finish my story (novel), and then use it to show the world that not all writing from the past 10 years is about magic and vampires.
2) To burn a Twilight book
3) To finish my N64p and start work on my Xbox 360 WVI
4) To complete all my school assignments.
Get good grades
make a flax ton of money off a website/ something else easy
go to comic-con 2010. (I have the iPhone app, but, for god sakes, make the countdown meter for 2010 instead of 2009.) :rolleyes:
get a new TV
stay out of any type of trouble
don't to drugs
don't drink
don't smoke
be nicer to everybody, even dicks
get more videogames
get a blue N64 to add to my colored N64 collection
Get a job if the website thing falls through and/ or to help pay for hosting
figure out the great mystery of women
figure out the great mystery of Palmer Luckey
figure out jlee's gender. :lol:

A winner is you me.