GBC Screen Layers - Polarizing Film or AR Film Damaged?


Hey guys,

I bought a GBC off ebay, which has a hole in the screen. (I knew about this, btw, looks like a pen stab or something) - it turns out the hole actually manages to go through to the screen proper, but it's only managed to hit the top layer of the screen. The LCD appears to work fine (game loads, image, ect, ect), but there's still the matter of a ruddy great mark right in the middle of it.

What is this top layer of the LCD, and can it be replaced?

edit: This is probably a polarizing filter, isn't it? (Or an AR film...) Any ideas where a good replacement could come from? I've got a couple of DS lite screens on the way from DX for the backlight, can I use the film from one of those?
Hrm. Looks like the first two layers are polarizing filters, and they work in conjunction. The top, tinted, one gives a funky monochrome invert if you angle it right, though.
It is a combo light retarder/polorizer. It rotaes the light, then polarizes it. Hard to replace. :(

Have any pics? It could be fixed, but you would be better off buying a new LCD. I suggest finding one or a lot of broken GBCs, the screen will prolly be fine.
Eh. It's cool. This was a 'broken' spare, anyway. If I can't fix it, I'll just use it as a dry run for a backlight mod.

Is the film on a DS lite screen the same?