GBA messed up need help

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lol, the problem I have was caused by stupidty like every other problem that I have on here. Well, one day I went to buy a dremel for the project and after, I got home. I went a little dremel crazy and thought on cool it would be tight to dremel off my GBA cart slot.

Not very bright


As, you can see my dremel took off the copper wiring underneath parts of the GBA cartslot. I checked all my wires for shorts and none of them are touching. So, the only problem that remains is this one. Its the only reason my GBA isn't working. So, if you look the copper wire touches all the pins. Doesn't that mean all the pins are connected together? Or are the copper wiring underneath so, small that I can't tell there not touching and only go to specific places.

So, pretty much is there any way to fix this or just get anything GBA for 3 dollars or something.
No, I don't think they are connected. Look closely, there is a ring of no copper around most of the pads. I think that your only hope is to do an RCP-style relocation on a GBA.

Then again I could be completely wrong.
The pins that the IC chips have are far to small to solder a wire onto them. So, I quess I just de solder the circuit board part and get a new GBA, for a few bucks.