FYI, I am not Kyo


This just keeps coming up. For the record, this is Kyo on BH, this is me on BH. I was on there a few days short of a year before he ever was. I just wasn't very active after a while. I realize he's a much more active member of the BH community and I'm not really known at all anymore. There's probably only a couple people that would remember me, and probably vaguely at that (the people I traded with, talk to on AIM, etc.) But yeah, we're two different people. I have nothing against Kyo. In fact, I don't know him at all. I'm sure he's a great guy. I'm just, you know, not him.

My name is Kyosho and I'm an alcoholic. Well, not really. I'm 24, I'm from Ohio. Hello, nice to meet you. What's that? Oh, no, I'm not that Kyo guy. Nope, he's not related to me. Yes, I'm sure we're not brothers, however much we may look alike. Yes, really. What? No. Why would you say that? That's kind of racist. No, I will not! Stop that! I mean it! Don't make me hurt you! My father was a pirate, you know!

I can't access your profile, because I'm banned. :rofl: I trust you though. I've been meaning to make another profile over there for stuff like this actually... :twisted:

:ninj: I actually remember you, I thought you were kyo's second account, and his name that he used when he posted on ben's main site. :dah:
Right, so, now my sig points to this thread. Hopefully it will head off more misunderstandings. Curse that Kyo! :hit: