FS: PS3 controller $30.00+S&H


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Well I had wanted one for some time to use on my computer as a wireless game controller, finally got one when it was on sale at on black Friday.

Anyway turns out it is a pain in the *Can'tSayThisOnTV*ing ass to actually use it like that and I should have read into it a lot more. Apparently it is even worse if I were to be useing vista or 7. Lesson learned, guess its back to the 360 controller.

Anyway controller is brand new, I just took it out of the package a few days ago and it has been sitting on my desk doing nothing, I have used it a little bit trying to get it to work wirelessly but no, I can only get it to work when plugged into USB but might as well just get a PS2 controller to USB adapter for a fraction of the price.

Dualshock3, Black, new, what more do u need to know? Anything?


I will throw in a brand new USB cable for it for $6, exactly what it cost me. Good quality cable, nice and thick.
ASUS USB Bluetooth dongle $10. Just bought from newegg as well.

I don't even own a PS3...
Re: FS: PS3 controller $30.00 S&H

Do you want to BUY a PS3 from me, so it will work right?