Fooling the V and Hsync on a vga monitor?

DNT 2.5

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So, would it be at all possible to make an rgb to VGA converter box by using a series of timers or other method to fool the v and h sync lines of a VGA cable? Or does the h sync and the v sync have to come from the console itself?
An RGB to VGA converter (a cheap one anyway) works by "doubling" each line. I don't know if it actually screws with the signal or just the sync lines. It's probably possible to build your own but I haven't seen any.
I was thinking more along the lines of connection a LM555 timer, or a crystal. but could you elaborate a little more, like links?
I can't find any info, sorry. I REALLY wish someone would unveil the secrets of these things, but for now an RGB-VGA converter seems to be a black box.

EDIT: FOUND SOME THINGS! ... o2vga.html

Unfortunately the only converter I can find is this one, which seems WAAAAY overcomplicated:

Wait, I found another:

Looks like it's a lot more complicated than I thought. :cry4:
Well, i should try something, I wonder what would happen if I connected a gameconsole on RGB to a monitor directly, then analyzing the results, and seeing what happens if i boost the Hz of the output of the console?