First ever project an n64 portable worklog


Hi everyone this is my first workload so it will probably take some time to complete.

Well here is where i have got to so far:

Any idea what the black thing is meant for?

An there is the board. My next job is to wire up the cart slot :) ... to be continued
Hi All

Thought id give a quick uppdate , no pictures though :(

Ordered a PSone screen £13
Bought a third party contrloller for £3
Bought Golden Eye for £2 :D
So far I am half way through relocating the cart slot. Free unless time has a price. :lol:
And all just today!

Next thing the case. Any ideas where I can order a cheap one, I do not want to build or frankencase my own one. Im from uk btw.

thanks for your time :)
Thanks for the reply Nintendot but i personally do not like using a console case, dunno why just personal prefrence i guess...though some do look amazing.
The psone case only needs some bondo to fill in the crevices, and it looks good. If you use li-ion batteries, you should be able to cram everything in there with some small heat sinks.
I think it's been found a challenge to fit it all in a normal psone case. Remember the guy on BH who tried a while ago and ended up with a 2" thick beast? I'm sure modder doesn't want that.
Hmm. okay. I have never tried to make a N64p before, but i have looked at the motherboard and its bretty small.
Ooops, bump, oh well.

You can try a psone case, but it will be a bit harder than some other cases, but it's completely doable I'm sure, if you do it right.
It is possible, but the width makes it impossible to fit the controls alongside a 5" LCD unless you widen it.
just for you
(I didn't do that to the screen and oh my gosh why is the pic so blurry?)