fc3 plus snes motherboard


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I just got one and there's no modding info on it. Is it close to or the same as the fc twin snes motherboard? If not, is there any information on using it without the noac or goc?
I have been wondering this too as I have had one for a few months now. There's some info about it on digitpress but not too much modding info. They had a controller converter mod for it so it played with snes controllers but the guys pictures are gone from his website. :cry4:

Anyone with any modding info, PLEASE spill the beans!
yeah, I don't want to fit all 3 boards in my snesp case when I can just have the one.
I still have not seen any pics of the actual insides. I would love it if you guys could post pics of yours.
I can do that right now.


The whole thing.


A closer look.


And the SNES board.

Well, for a 2 in 1, you could have them back to back, but 3 in 1 might be a little harder.

P.S what you got planned for your project before that? :)
Some may know but I'm gonna try to keep it a secret until I finish my portable snes.
alright, cool your working on a SNESp, so will I, good to know I can get some in depth help.
alright, well my dad said hes down with buying the screen.....Till he saw it was from china. so now him and my mom said they don't want their Card number in china. I sugested paypal, they said probably, im still talking with this guy at BH about the SNES. It is coming together though.