EVIL NOD'S N64 worklog


so this is my brain wave for my n64.i have had a portable dvd player that i dont use it has av in and a 7" screen tested the n64 and it worked fine.so am going to stick the 64 in it and make a clamshell 64 that looks like a DS.so this is what i wont to do curve the top so it looks like the the top of the ds and it makes room for the board that runs the screen so it gives more room in the base.will be adding a memory card and rumble and will be adding the action replay professional to.
so here are some pis of what it should look like.

Don't put the cart slot underneath like that. It will make it unstable when you want to use it as a laptop. Other than that, cool. You don't strictly need a fan but it is recommended to keep things cool.
I think it would be fine like that as a laptop, but he wouldn't be able to use the controls as a laptop, would need external controller. Just make sure the cart cover is strong enough to set the system down on.
If you weren't paying attention, that could happen to your Gameboy, GBA, or DS. Or just about any handheld console besides the GBASP.
Keep the design you have, if the cart slot is on the back of the screen it will fall over wen you put it down. :lol:
the bottom case dimensions are height 3cm W,21cm D,14 cm.the fan is only 7mm high so not much bigger than the heat blocks on the 64 so may as well use it.will not be useing it as a laptop its going to be more like a big DS.