Crazy high ping. Help?

Twilight Wolf

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That image basically explains it. It effects my TF2 gameplay horribly, but I'm not sure what could be causing it since it basically just started happening out of the blue. There was a Steam update right before it happened, but everyone else I play with has fine ping. What's weirder is that my ping fluctuates a ton -- I'll play for a bit and it'll be at 700+ms, then after a few minutes it'll go back down to a much more reasonable number (<100) for several hours, only to return to an insanely high number like above for another few hours. Nothing has changed, internet-wise; no more people using the router than usual, I'm no farther away from the router than I ever am, nothing like that.

I require assistance!
Dsl or Cable.

With Dsl it most likely is a problem with noise on the line.

With cable it might be that a simple reset is in order.