Commission me.

you should have mentioned MR in it :awesome:

Anyway, I like your portables, but Ive just spent money on my SNESp, so sorry I cant buy one.

Also, is that a ZN-45 :p
As a semi-senior member of ModRetro,

I trust in the abilities, judgement, and general awesome :awesome: ness of ShockSlayer, I appoint him to the rank of :awesome: . I charge that all n00bs will obey his orders as due an officer of his pay grade and :awesome: ness. And this officer is to observe and follow orders from... well nobody, but for the sake of this document, PalmerTech in accordence with Document #42.

By command of XCVG, somewhere in the internetz, January 2010, you are now :awesome: ShockSlayer.

You have just been commisioned, don't make a mess when you glue your rank insignia on.

That was actually hard to write, and I think I screwed it up. Referenced Wikipedia, but the documents it showed were REALLY confusing, flowery, and officious. Mostly based it on the US one but also Canada and UK.

Oh, and for those that are dumb, google "commisioned officer" and maybe this'll make more sense.
Youtubers are so stupid.

"it costs $650 usd to make this, so pay me $650 and I will build it while breaking even at the same time." XD

You should say that it costs $575 usd to build and you charge $75 for labor. That would feel like a better deal because people would be like, "wow! Only $75 for labor?? That's a steal!!!"
βeta said:
That's actually pretty clever and funny.
that's what imma do. :mrgreen:

I am buying plane tickets/ getting comicon spending money off of the money I make off the QUAD, then making a ZN-40 or ZN-45 commission to pay for the Micro64.
It varies, but If you get a N64 for $15, a ti card on sample, a ZN-45 on sample, a controller for $5-$10, a psone screen for $40, and batteries for $50, then sell it for $600, you make a $475-480 profit, given you already have paint and bondo.
Yeah, I'm not sure how well commissions are going to be selling anymore. Bentomo had to sell his portable for $375. :cry:

Then again, hailrazer just sold his Kamikaze64 for $675 and the Ncube for $750. We can still hope!
I love Chili's.

Chiiiillliiiiis baby back ribs, barbeque sauce....

Really though, their Shrimp Alfredo is the shiz.
More likely he saw SS with an n64p, and offered to buy it off of him. Or asked about it, and SS agreed to build him one.