Check out the chatroom!


Probably SS
Check out the chatroom!
I finnally got all the smilies in order. There are a few missing, but I got all the ones everyone uses, and I resized :red: to fit, so yeah. I spent all my day (3:00 to 9::3:5, I had school) in order to better the forums experience. That was rough! Worst part is, I have like 5 homework assignments I need to do! :(

Ah well, hope everyone enjoys it!

Bibin said:
Heh, you have school already! I'm free until the 9th of September! :awesome:
:evil2: :evil2: :evil2: :evil2: :evil2: :evil2: :evil2: :evil2: :evil2: :evil2: :evil2: :evil2: :evil2: :evil2: :evil2:
i start tomorrow. :sweat: :gonk:

oh, and so this aint off-topic spam: schweetness! its alot easier to use now!

You gotta erase the white, my dad's version of Photoshop won't save .pngs for some reason.

EDIT: actually, those colors looks like crap.
Can I email you the .psd?
.psd? I use paint.NET which doesn't take psd's, if the hats colors are okay, I can just cut it out and put it on for ya.