Cartidge slot relocation problem


I just finished re wiring my cartridge slot on my Super Nintendo portable for the second time and it still didn't work. I plug in the power and I get a crackling noise which lets me know its turning on, however I get no sound or picture. I've come to two obvious conclusions, A: I didn't wire it correctly or B: it is not a problem with the cartridge slot. I checked all the connections and they look alright. Any suggestions as to what the problem might be? Here are some pictures, I'm sorry there so blurry (my camera kinda sucks or I don't know how to use it :dah: ).



Thank you for any help,
1. how long are the cables?
2. what game is it? (some need shorter cables due to timing and stuff)
3. is the cart cleaned?
See that white fuse that says 1.5A on it? Turn the SNES on, put an LED on that and see if it lights up. If it doesn't, flip the LED around.

And when the LED lights up, see if the screen crackles more. If so, you need a new fuse.