C button joystick


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Mmmmmk. Got me a 3rd party gc c-stick. Want to it as the c buttons. How?

EDIT: Hmmmmm, maybe a ps2 1st party stick instead...
I hate it when I post what I believe to be a question without an answer somewhere, and then someone posts a link. I hate you.

This is the same thing, only you don't have to move your finger to click on a link before seeing it!!
I think I'll do another ps2 stick like my main stick to keep things pretty. Will look at it later, once I get another n64. Fried four so far. :facepalm:
The caps are interchangeable, so just use whatever guts you have on hand. You can throw a cap on later.
Naw, they're not. My ps2 sticks have a large plastic stick for the cap, the c stick a small metal one, and the original gamecube stick from the c stick controller has a different metal one.

On the first party gamecube controller I think they are though.
Metal joystick poles suck. :gonk:

I would use a 1st party GC stick and a PS2 cap. The resistance matches better that way.
Right now since I have to wait on another n64, I'm trying to find a first party GC stick set.

Will make thread.
I have a metal joystick to plastic cap adapter plug that was built into my Stars Wars III plug and play TV game.