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Am now an adult I guess. Gotta go get me some cigs, porn, and long firearms. I think I can buy spray paint now too.
happy burfday! go get some more ho's and take pics of them :rofl: (wait, that wasn't you...)(well, I don't like using the backspace button...or my mouse)
Bad MIDI is bad MIDI.

Anyway, congrats! You can legally look at porn now! :lol:
jleemero said:

It is the ending of Super Mario World.

Happy Birthday! You can also get an adult library card, often with no tangible benefits! :awesome:
Palmer, you quoting that flash made it have AN EPIC ECHO EFFECT!



Palmertech's quote did mess it up, but rewinding each one at random intervals creates a really messed up, yet cool sound.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAHA love the mario music!

Welcome to adulthood!
Welcome to "on your own!"
Welcome to "debt!"
Welcome to "statutory rape!"
Welcome to "porn movies!"
Welcome to "3 years before you can legally drink ;) !"
Welcome to "registering for the selective services!"

And Welcome to "college girls" soon enough!

happy b-day man
eurddrue said:
Naw, he's just taking a year off.

OH! and about the chatroom today, I was testing you :dahroll:

I'll keep that in mind next time I get hold of a semi-automatic ;)
Anything you say. :awesome: You must've just had a poor display on banheck. (the proper spelling thread?)
what the Heck i do not have [ flash ] permissions this is so not fair come on guys seriously
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