Best Stuff to make a case with



Wanna make a Decently strong case for my NESp, what should I use, ive heard bondo, ABS plastic (vacume forming) anyone wanna link me to some good case makers, but I might always Frankencase it, anyway, links for anything casewise would be nice.
@Zaturi, thanks for that one, but il cut the holes myself, which one do you recomend for an NES, the 40 is smaller than the 45 right? also, they look like drawers and id like the dimentions of them, but can't find them.

@Nobble, which one from your site do you recommend for an NES?

@ both of you:

I was thinking of making one like the others (frontside) but instead of the cart slot being sitting on the back, why not have it on a 45 degree swivle (pop it out, slide the game in, then pop it back in) so that it looks flatter, harder (complex) and I would have to use ABS plastic molding, but I would have that flat, kinda GBA look.

Im thinking I might make my SNES like that though, maybe start with an NES like everyone elses, then try something new.

What you guys think?
It says the dimensions right next the to item descriptions where I linked... about 9 x 5 inches. The 45 has more depth, so you can fit larger batteries and will have an easier time putting everything inside. They're nice sized, big enough to fit a ton of systems in.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean about the cartridge slot. Could you make a quick mock-up in paint?
Il make one when I get home it's 2:57 at school. the Cartport, you know, where you put the game. Il make a paint mockup when i get home, it's gonna be for the SNES because im starting with something easy.

Also, I have a 45W soldering iron, thats way to high right? Should I pick up a 15-30W one? I can use the 45W and some desoldering braid with it right?

Sorry I missed the dimentions, my teacher keeps an eye on us, so I really don't have time to look well. Thanks.
Yeah, go for a 30 watt. That's what I use. The 45 iron should be fine for desoldering, just be careful using it to desolder parts with it. I've never used anything higher than a 30 watt iron, so I'm not sure if the heat from a 45 watt will damage components.

Will you be using a real SNES or a clone? The clones are about the same price as the real thing and will be easier to fit in your system.
Get a good soldering iron, not the usual cheap piece of crap. I paid $50 (you Yanks can get it for way less) for a Weller WP25, well worth it. Of course, your milage may vary.
ya, im gonna pick up the Weller 25 whatever, seen it online. I bought a nice 45W for 20$ and it works fine on the huge wires im trying to solder....DAMNIT, forgot to get that stupid 20guage wire from R-shack. ohh well, il pick it up tomorrow.

@Zeturi, im using an NES, not a clone one unless you can get me one for around 20$ shipped (what I have on an org. NES now)


EDIT, new news, I can get an SNES for 5$ more. should I get it? or stick with my 20$ NES?

Edit 2: here is that mockup, don't have paint on a MAC (do you?)

EDIT3: Also, when I get the ZN-45, I should get white, so that I can paint it well, right?

EDIT4: should I buy a desoldering Iron and use it insteed of my 45W/ desoldering braid combo?