Battery Power for Psone Screen


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Hey, just new to all this and i was wondering if anyone here knew a good battery to power the psone screen for a portable. I would also like to know if anyone had pictures or info of how to solder the battery to the screen and also how to solder a switch to that, or anything else that is necessary. Thanks.
well, in any portable, you use the same battery for the console as you do for te screen, so we need to know what console you intend on portablizing. also, some preferences would be nice to, as well as what you are willing to pay. ya know, like, how long you want it to run, and how big you would like it to be. ;) as for wiring, you should go read through the voltage section. ;)
You use the same batteries for both the system and the screen? I plan on portabilizing a gamecube. I would like the batteries to be pretty small and be able to power the portable for at least two hours. The Price range does not matter that much for me.

well, in that case, you will need a 11.1v, or 14.8v battery pack, upwards of 4000 mah, i recon. for size concerns, you will want lithium polymer cells.
this will help you quite a bit. and, if you just use 4 of the cells he links in there, and the last pcb, and you will be golden. you will just need a 7805 or two, and a TIcard. :awesome:
a 7805 of is a passive power regulator that will take anything from 6.5v to 32v and turn it into 5v, at up to 1ah. and, a TIcard, (someone else can post specifics) does basically the same thing, but it puts out 3.3v. ;)
Thanks for more about those and do you know where i might be able to buy these and I really need some kind of a diagram of how all this stuff is hooked up(Batteries to the pcb and the 7805 and the TI Card)if you could find one or could explain it.

Thanks again for your help with this.

(thanks to harshboy for that image)
that assumes you are using the original powerboard, however. there has been some confusion about the stock powerboard eating power, but its unconfirmed(?).

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