Amazon Prime Membership?


I really liked the trial when I had it. Tons of good items have free two-day shipping, and you can upgrade to one day shipping for $4.00. Amazon carries a lot of stuff that I like, like lexan, dremel kits, noacs, and systems. The only bad part is that to keep it, it costs $80.00 a year. I know in the long run that expedited shipping for most of my items would definitely eat more money than that. I think that it might be a good long-term investment. Thoughts?
Why don't you just keep the 80 dollars (use the money for something else) and use free shipping. It takes like a week (I think, can't remember) but, its free.
$80 a year would only be about $6-7 a month, but it all depends on how much you plan on using amazon and if fast shipping is important to you.
You guys get a sweet Here in Canada we gt, which is epic lame. They pretty much sell only books and movies.