Am I allowed to talk about backtrack 4?


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recently i downloaded backtrack 4 (wifi password recovery tool) and I was testing it out on my router (wep) I had my laptop (wifilink 5100 agn) right next to my router and I tested for packet injection and it said that it was ok. so I tried to "recover" my wep password but to do that i need to capture around 30000 thingo's of data yet my laptop's been going for an hour and its only got 33 bits of data?
any ideas?
Your wireless card does not support packet injection, so this will take a long time. A LOOOONG time. It may say you do, but seriously, there are essentially no cards that actually work with it.

Without packet injection, you will have to wait for a bunch of login attempts from different computers to get the best results.

I use Cain and Abel along with Airsnort and/or Aircrack to break WEP myself, might wanna try that.
thanks for the reply, yeh i read up a bit more and according to bt4 my wifi card is compatible out of the box but it still doesnt create its own packet injection, so i tested on my router ths time with my zune streaming music over the wifi and the data collection went straight up and i had my password in no time, now im trying out fragmentation tools so I will only need one data packet.
my stupid school decided to password protect its internet protection and only allow it for the school computers (of which there are none over wireless) So naturally i have to get back what i paid except there using freakin wpa psk 2 and mac filters